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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why Jewelry Making? Why Beading?

So. . . why jewelry making? Why beading?

Well, basically it's Corrine's fault. She got me started by describing a necklace one could make that would represent one's birth chart. She calls it Beadstrology. I made the necklace and really enjoyed doing it:

At the same time, another friend of mine -- let's call her Helen -- also made the Beadstrology necklace and really enjoyed doing it. Suddenly Helen and I were beading. All the time. Daydreaming about the lovely beads, components, focals, and findings we wanted to acquire.

So you could also say that my current fascination with jewelry making and beading is Helen's fault. She encouraged me.

And now I have stores at Etsy and eBay, and many storage boxes containing all manner of beads and accoutrements. It's not an addiction. I can stop any time. Seriously.

But I'm having fun. After making pieces to complement my favorite outfits, I still wanted to make more, so that's what I do. Each piece is unique, the result of my imagination and fascination with colors and patterns and shapes. Stop by either of my shops any time!

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  2. Can stand spelling mistakes - here we go again....

    I'm glad I was of help! I'm just thinking about what I can do with my glass Italian beads, hmmm.... as Corrine has been known to say Bead the Best you can Be :)


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