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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jewelry by Scotti is Featured Artist

I'm delighted to be today's Featured Artist at a fabulous blog hosted by Cindy Burke, the awesome talent behind Cindy Burke Originals.

Today I would like to feature the jewelry artist Scotti Cohn, the talent behind Jewelry by Scotti on Etsy. I asked Scotti  what inspired her to create jewelry and she said that she has always had a creative streak.
“This expressed itself early in my life through writing – poetry, stories, plays, songs. About a year ago a friend shared a pattern for a beaded necklace she had made. I went to a local bead shop and took a couple of lessons.”
Finding that she loved creating jewelry using a variety of colors, textures and techniques, Scotti soon had a big inventory, despite gifting items to many people – including herself! She had heard about Etsy and found it to have a good reputation as a showcase for creative crafting. The choice was obvious, and that led to her shop, Jewelry by Scotti.
Some of the Etsy teams that Scotti belongs to are “Anything and Everything,” “Dream Weaver Treasury Team,” “Tiger Spirit Team” and “Cats Rule the World!”
Open since October of last year, the items in Jewelry by Scotti are inspired by animals, the natural world, and “anything and everyone.”
Scotti says, “I often have a person in mind when I create a piece – not necessarily a person I know, but an image of a certain kind of woman and what she would wear. Sometimes that’s glittery and delicate and other times, bold and brilliant!”
Besides designing jewelry, Scotti is a prolific writer and has had several books published. She writes historical non-fiction and fun, interesting educational books for children. She says, “I want to continue to grow my Etsy business but I also have many other interests that require a time commitment.”
Scotti says that the best advice she has ever received is “Network, network, network.” In that vein, she encourages you to check out Baba Studio and Teaman, both on Etsy:
Finally, here are two things that few people know about Scotti Cohn:
1.      She played the Wicked Witch of the West in an elementary school production of The Wizard of Oz.
2.      She once escorted Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) around the children’s wing of the hospital where she worked.
Scotti is truly an example of a Renaissance Woman. I want to be her when I grow up! Here are some other places to find her:

Author Web Site
Facebook Page

Here's the link: Jewelry by Scotti.

Cindy's blog is a wonderful blend of many fascinating things -- a sort of E-zine if you will. Check out my interview and scroll through her other posts. Once she gets 100 followers, she's going to start sharing excerpts from The Galaxy, her completed “space opera” about a distant future. I can't wait! So follow her blog, okay?

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