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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Libra Silver Chain Necklace

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Libra Blue Glass Silver Chain Pendant Necklace: $20 + shipping
Understated and unique, casual yet classy, this 23 inch antique silver chain necklace features cobalt blue faceted glass nuggets and light blue Czech glass beads dappled with white, like clouds in an autumn sky. The 1/2 inch round Libra pendant has a set of scales and the word Libra on one side, and the symbol for Libra with the word "Charming" on the other.

Librans are known for their charm, as well as for their refinement and love of beauty and harmony. Many astrologers assign the color blue to Libra, an Air sign. The necklace is finished with a lobster claw clasp. I can adjust this necklace to any length you like. Just let me know!

Ruled by the planet Venus, the zodiac sign Libra covers around Sept. 23 to Oct. 22. If you were born within a day or even two days of the beginning or end of this range, your year of birth, and perhaps even the time of birth, might be needed to accurately determine your Sun sign.

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