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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mother's Day on the Horizon

Mother's Day in the United States will be here almost before you know it (hint: MAY 10!)

I had Mother's Day in mind when I created this razzle-dazzle purple and pink necklace:

I started with a gorgeous purple pendant from Glass Treasures, handmade by Susan Staley, and two exquisite pink and lavender ceramic beads handmade by Golem Design Studio. The pendant hangs from a silver plated curved tube strung on beading wire between two strands of purple crow beads, Swarovski “Moonlight” XILION bicones, grade A baby pink catseye beads, and clear glass cubes.

The necklace measures 19 inches. The pendant measures about one inch wide and 1.5 inches from top to bottom, including the bail. Silver plated wire guards provide extra security, and the necklace fastens with a silver plated toggle clasp.

The XILION cut, which is patent protected by Swarovski, provides outstanding light reflection and the optimal light distribution. The brilliance, intense sparkle, and fascinating light effects are due to the sophisticated interplay of large and small facets.

Pink is said to be the color of sensuality and emotions. Purple represents spirituality, royalty, and power.

About Glass Treasuries
Susan Staley makes stained glass boxes, whimsical hangings, stars and jewelry using unusual glass textures and bold colors. She has owned and operated her studio, GLASS TREASURES, in Athens, Georgia since 1992. 

Vladislav Ivanov and Kremena Ivanova are an artist family from Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. They incorporate patterns taken from a variety of ancient and contemporary art forms.

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