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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tantalizing Topaz!

I was working on a description for a gorgeous pair of earrings the other day when the word "topaz" came to mind. I found myself wondering if topaz is a color or a gemstone or both?

Turns out it is both -- and more! Let's begin with these definitions:
Topaz - a precious stone, typically colorless, yellow, or pale blue, consisting of a fluorine-containing aluminum silicate. Middle English (denoting a yellow sapphire): from Old French topace, via Latin from Greek topazos (Dictionary)
Topaz... is a fluorine aluminium silicate and comes in yellow, yellow-brown, honey-yellow, flax, brown, green, blue, light blue, red and pink ... and sometimes it has no colour at all. - International Gemstone Association
Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0 
What about the color topaz? Most people think of the color "topaz" as resembling the color of the imperial topaz shown above, or perhaps a golden-brown or deep yellow-amber color. Below are some of my handmade jewelry pieces that feature the color topaz. To see more photos or to purchase any of these lovely pieces, just click on the caption below the picture.

Topaz Crystal Dangle Earrings

Orange and Antiqued Gold Gemstone Necklace

Topaz Tigereye Earrings

Gold Crystal Pendant Necklace

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